Certification: JBTA®

Certification: Jung Based Type Analysis®

If you want to become certified in the Danish developed Jung Based Type Analysis®, please contact BROEGGER Organizational Psychologists, who have the copyright of the JBTA® and are sole distributors worldwide.

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The Certification Course

The training itself is conducted as a module divided course with the first module consisting of two days and the second module consisting of one day. The course is an interaction between theory, practical training and individual reflection and always takes place in small groups – maximum 10 participants.

5 - 6 weeks will typically pass between the first and the second module with time for practice in the form of feedback given to two different candidates chosen by the participant. It is compulsory to write a report of each of the feedback sessions and to present one of these on the second module.

The second module is completed with a written examination of one hour’s duration. The examination must be passed in order to obtain certification.

The Certification Includes

  • Background and history focusing on C.G. Jung
  • Development of the JBTA®
  • The basic elements and methods of type theory
  • The concept of typology
  • An understanding of the type dynamics
  • Practice of analyzing the hierarchy of the functions
  • Interpretation of results
  • Feedback practice
  • Psychometrics and statistics
  • Ethics
  • Examination


Lene Bohnsen (authorized psychologist) has for 12 years been in charge of certifications in typology and has at the same time been working with typology in practice in coaching and teambuilding.

Bent Broegger (psychologist.) has for 24 years been working with typology and has been a pioneer in introducing different type tools in Denmark. He has developed The TeamCompass and later The TeamDiamond®.

Conditions for Certification

  • To participate in an active and involving way throughout the course 
  • To demonstrate competences in concept understanding, communication and feedback 
  • To complete two feedback sessions between the first and the second module 
  • To write two reports of the two feedback sessions. The reports must be approved. 
  • To pass a written examination (multiple-choice).

The certification must be concluded within a year when started.

Certification Price

A JBTA® certification costs kr.14.500,- ex.VAT pr. participant and contains:

  • 3 days course (module 1 two days and module 2 one day)
  • Course manual (binder)
  • The booklet: ”Which Type are You?” (72 pages) written by Bent Broegger and Lene Bohnsen
  • Own JBTA® analysis plus two analysis for feedback training
  • Including meals during course hours

For internal courses phone us and get an offer.


  • Open certification courses are held several times a year. Current dates are announced on the website: KURSER & MØDER.
  • Internal certification courses can be arranged at the customer’s convenience.
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