The TeamDiamond®



  • The TeamDiamond® is a structured visual tool for team analysis, team profiling and team Building.
  • The purpose of The TeamDiamond® is to connect the typology of Jung, as expressed in JBTA® (Jung Based Type Analysis) and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), with classical group theory.
  • The TeamDiamond® links the 16 types in a model for methodical problem solving and provides an overview of balances and imbalances in the composition of a team.
  • The TeamDiamond® shows how the16 types can make use of each other’s contributions and resources through 8 diamond facets or roles.
  • First of all The TeamDiamond® is a process tool and can as such be used to support and realize development needs and provide a breeding ground for a dialogue about the blind spots and the use of existing resources both in the individual and in the team.
  • The TeamDiamond® is developed by Bent Broegger, master of psychology and owner of BROEGGER Organizational Psychologists.
  • The TeamDiamond® approaches the fundamental theory of Jung and at the same time incorporates the latest tendencies in typology.
  • The TeamDiamond® requires a certification from BROEGGER Organizational Psychologists and is offered as a one day certification prized $1500, - / £ 950,- / € 105 ex. Vat.
  • The TeamDiamond® certification includes training in how to use the tool, fundamental group psychology and typological insight and understanding on an advanced level.